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Montage Teaser


I’m excited to pull the curtain back a bit on Montage. Montage is the second salvo (after Mosaic) in our war on mediocre photo books. We spent a year crafting a simple UI that makes it easy to create fantastic looking books. It’s a lot of fun—I can’t wait to show it off. You can signup for the closed beta to get an early look.


I am a hipster. That is all.

Opting Out


A government with easy access to all the public and private information of its people, that collects this information against their wishes, that makes them more vulnerable to harm in order to maintain their access, and then lies in order to cover up their actions is fundamentally incompatible with American democracy. The freedom to live, speak, and think in private, without worrying how a government agent might view our thoughts or try to use them against us, is liberty. I feel obligated to opt out and find other ways to protest and inhibit these destructive programs.

Best Milkshake


Get the Swiss milk chocolate milk shake from Fentons. Get the jumbo, what’s another thousand calories? You won’t regret it. Ok, maybe you will. But still…its so, so good.

Updated on October 21st, 2013

Added a picture. It required some field work.

The Coming War for Design Talent


While the war rages on for software engineers, I can’t help wondering when UX, interaction designers, and product managers are going to have their turn. For a lot of software projects adding a rockstar engineer can boost productivity by more than their substantial individual contribution, but adding a rockstar designer can double a team’s output.

Two Kinds of Engineering Leader


When a software company is searching for a new CTO or VP of Engineering, they tend to look for either a Chief of Surgery or a Head Coach. Hiring the right (or wrong) one can mean the difference between success and failure as a company. Knowing which you are can help you choose the right opportunity.

Natural: A Ruby Gem for Natural Language Search


When I started work on (one of my code playgrounds…its something like Yelp) a couple years ago I wanted to support natural language search so that, instead of clicking lots of checkboxes to search for the best burrito in my zip code, I could just ask “what is the best burrito near me” and get the answer. At the time (and even now) I didn’t find a ruby library that made this easy to do, so I thought I’d take a stab at it.

How to Fix Dropouts and Cutting Out When Using AirTunes on Your Airport Express


For months I struggled with frequent audio dropouts while connecting to stereo through my Airport Express from my Mac laptop. My connection was strong (5/5 bars on wifi) but I still had dropouts. I tried every manner of fix and none was satisfactory. Until now. I seem to have stumbled on a solution and its one I had not read about before. No doubt it won’t work for everyone because of the many different possible causes for bad connectivity to your AirTunes device of choice. But here’s what worked for me.