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6 Hours Of Interviews

Mon 17 November 2003

Got the email packet for my EAP interviews this week and I note that its going to be a marathon of 30 to 45 minute interviews. I’ll get the chance to meet a lot of the people I would be working with and I’ll have an opportunity to meet all the different titles I want to learn more about–Associate Development Director (DD), Associate Producer (AP), Producer, Senior Producer, VP. Thats some serious interviewing though! I feel like I should run up a hill and eat broccoli the day before or something. :) The gig I’m hoping for is an Assistant Producer role with EAP. I saw Scott Evans on the interview list. I emailed him a while back about System Shock 2 which he produced. Its going to be pretty cool to meet him in person and to know that I might get to work with someone that made one of the best games ever, IMHO.