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A Quick Hello With David De Martini

Tue 02 December 2003

As my meeting with Jose was coming to a close, in walked David De Martini. I had emailed DeMar to try and setup a meeting but we hadn’t set anything up yet. Turns out Bing put me on his calendar to his surprise. :p Made me feel pretty cool that Bing got him here on my behalf, but I certainly didn’t want to inconvenience DeMar! He offered to reschedule since now wasn’t a good time for him to step away and I was happy to accept. We are on for next week.

With that, another great set of meetings at EA was complete. Jenny came in and offered me the remaining food from lunch. I tried to decline the salad, but I only managed avoiding the bags of chips. :) And then off into the sunset and the 101…until next time.