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Advice For an Interview

Sun 10 October 2004

Eric Writes:

I am interviewing for a Desktop Support position on Monday for EA Tiburon in Orlando. Is there any advice you can give me? I’ve also been told there will be a written technical assessment. I was looking at your game design questionaire and was wondering if it would reflect any of those kinds of questions.

My Reply:

I’ve never had a technical assessment since I haven’t applied for a position where it would be appropriate. Cant be too much help there. That said, my advice is to get business cards from everyone you interview with (or at least get their contact info if they are not carrying cards). If you get the gig it won’t be as useful, but if you dont hit it out of the ballpark on your first attempt youll have a handful of new contacts that will likely give you the time of day if you call them and ask what you could do better next time.

Updated on October 11th, 2013

Removed the link to Eric’s email, I figure he doesn’t want to keep hearing from people through this page nor be exposed to more spam.