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Amazon Customer Support Has Gone Downhill

Wed 30 November 2016 #politics

Amazon used to have outstanding customer support. But it seems their focus is elsewhere these days. In the past I’d contact them via phone or email and someone would try to understand my issue and resolve it in my favor. But yesterday I had a phone+email exchange about a very late order that they struggled to understand and chose not to fix–it seemed it wasn’t a fit for their playbook, so they couldn’t figure out what to do except to tell me I’m out of luck. The fix would have been easy for an empowered, quality CS rep to handle, but that’s not what I got.

I’ve been a customer since 1999 and I’ve spent a lot of money (millions) with the for my family and my companies. But I guess folks like me aren’t worth the trouble anymore.

Oh well, nothing lasts forever. I haven’t been super happy with their poor management of counterfeit merchandise, review quality, higher pricing…this is a good excuse to get off my butt and take a good look at the alternatives.