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Animator Roles

Fri 30 April 2004

Thomas Writes:

Chris: Can you describe different roles or capacities that an animator might perform in the game industry? Though my primary interest is in becoming a game designer; I am also interested in cinematic cut scene direction (I did my under grad. in film).

Can one move into game design from animation or is level design a more direct route? Would you mind describing some highlights of your career as an animator? I am currently in the MFA program at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.

Chris Writes:

Sorry folks for being AWOL for awhile I have been pretty busy. Anyhoo As for Thomas’s question, an animators duties could entail working on cinematics or characters or in game interaction, whatever the need may be. Usually there will be a group of animators that work primarily on the in game stuff and a group that works on the cinematics or “cut scenes” however when it comes down to it, we tend to bounce back and forth depending on where the need is. As for making a transition from animation to designwell that is pretty rare. EA likes for people to really focus on one area of development. This way you can really grow in your individual roles both professionally and in ability. Design and animation are pretty much polar opposites In my career I have had a lot of moments that really stood out as amazing to me. Most recently while working On Return of the King, I was fortunate enough to get to work with all the stunt doubles from the film. I choreographed and directed all the moves for them to perform for us to capture for the game. The guys and girls were great, and truly amazing at their job. Particularly “Brett” who was Gimli’s stunt doublethere is nothing like watching a 4 foot tall man made of pure muscle wield a double headed ax around the way he’s like watching the film live! Amazing

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