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AWOL, But Learning The Ropes

Sat 08 May 2004

I’m working some solid hours these dayshavent had much chance to post I’m sorry to say. :p I commute from Berkeley to Redwood City, so that kills 2 hours a day on top of work. But enough of that crap. I’m going to the last day of E3 next weeklooking forward to seeing the show! The game I’m working on isnt making an appearance at this one, but I’m hoping to catch an Updated on HL2. I’m working on recruiting more people to help answer questions in the forums. Ken Felton jumped in to answer a question about careers in audio. Chris Stones been graciously offering the benefit of his experience in animation. Both these guys of amazingly talentedits really cool to be working with them. Youll see what I’m talking about when our game comes out. :)