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Baby Back Ribs

Sat 16 July 2022 #Food #Recipe

Makes 4 servings.

Place ribs in Instant Pot. Fill with water until ribs are covered. Set Instant Pot to ‘Meat’ setting, 25 minutes, and press start. Release pressure, open pot, and transfer ribs to a baking sheet with a rack. Slather ribs with BBQ sauce. Set oven broiler to ‘hi’. Wait 5 minutes for broiler to warm up. Put baking sheet in broiler, cook for 5 minutes. Remove from oven. Slather ribs with BBQ sauce again. Serve.

Bonus Soup

Before adding water to cover the ribs, add chicken stock, onion cut into quarters, carrot cut in half, garlic, celery cut it half, and any other vegetables you like in your soup.

Bonus Ribs

Extra uncooked racks of ribs should be cut in half, rinsed off, patted dry and then frozen in a gallon Ziploc freezer bag, one rack to a bag.