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Best Hamburger

Fri 06 January 2006 #food

This is old hat to California natives, but if you haven’t visited in say, the last 15 years, you may not have heard of In-N-Out. It’s a family owned chain that’s known for it’s simple menu, good service, and excellent hamburgers (the fries are really good too).

I’ve had burgers at joints across the country, from McDonald’s to mom-and-pop burger stands and I always come back to In-N-Out. What sets In-N-Out apart from most fast food restaurants are their quality, health conscious ingredients. You can, for example, watch them make your fries as you drive up. How do they make them? They chop up the potatoes, fry them in vegetable oil, and add salt. That’s it. Like everything they make the fries are made of fresh, not frozen, ingredients. The freshness comes through in the taste and avoiding preservative is probably a lot better for you too. If you want to be on the inside, you should know about some of the stuff they do just for people that notice that kind of stuff, aka crazy detail oriented fans. First is the hidden menu of items you can order, but which they do not advertise. I recommend the 4x4. Second when you order a drink, look on the bottom of the cup. They print a bible verse there. Why? Who knows. Makes their cups seem more important somehow. So, you know, recycle them or something.