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Contact Sales

Sun 17 May 2015 #Misc

a salesperson paywall

These days it seems that a lot of SaaS tools are offering a free tier, one or more paid tiers, and an ’enterprise’ tier, which, unlike the other tiers, has amazing new capabilities but no price. Or rather, the price is ‘contact sales’.

That price is too high for me. I don’t want to contact sales. I don’t want to waste time listening to a pitch, hearing the retail price, hearing what a great deal they’re willing to offer me off the retail price because I’m special and there’s a blue moon tonight. I don’t want to email a bunch of my friends and scour forums digging for the real pricing scale, to make sure I’m not getting ripped off. I don’t want a multiyear contract that keeps me paying for a service even if its no longer right for me.

The day I need the ‘contact sales’ tier is the day that I look hard for alternatives with public, pay-as-you-go pricing.