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Conversation With Tiffany

Thu 06 November 2003

Just spoke with Tiffany Spencer of Ubisoft. She manages the PR for the Clancy series for Ubisoft…I’ve been trying to get a hold of her for a little while. She was out of town on business and vacation, so that explains it. Pretty cool stuff though; she just had a meeting with MTV.

Tiffany noted that the Ubisoft office in SF is in fact a marketing office; though it is also home to a number of Ubisoft producers who manage relationships with their local studio partners (sorta like the role at EAP I’m interviewing for). MS, Nintendo, Sony, Activision, and Ubisoft are all important players she says, though she thinks they are a little bureaucratic (as they have to be since they are so large). Sierra and Maxis are smaller and better for starting out she thinks.

Tiffany worked with Mplayer for a while (remember that?). Heh heh. Blast to the past! Guess it wasnt that long ago they were presenting at E3 as the next cool thing. She doesnt know too many people in production she said, but she offered to introduce me to Sean Decker, a friend of hers that works on the SimCity team. That would be excellent, especially considering the informational interview I have with Maxis in December.

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