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EALA Connection

Sun 28 September 2003

Found out I’m going to be a first cousin once removed by my cousin Stew. He and his wife are both in digital animation. She teaches and hes got a gig with Disney. He introduced me to Dave Kury (a college friend of his from UCLA animation) about a month back, who working for EALA as the lead animator on the next Medal of Honor. He introduced me to Rick Kane, an EA producer who gave me some good advice and the latest on EA new EALA studio that is close to completion.

Producers are especially fun to talk to because they do the same stuff I do in biz software, but in games with all its unique challenges. Rick told me about his role, how he works with his associate producers, how he got to where he is. We also talked about EALA and EA’s push to get closer to Hollywood. Seems like LA may be a place to keep in mindand considering I lived there for 5 years and have a lot of family in the area a position there would certainly be cool.

Rick was a bit harder to get a hold of compared to other producers I’ve spoken with (and they are all hard to get a hold of, believe me)–testament to the busy work lives they lead. They are the people filling in all the gaps and running the overall game project. I get the impression they also work some of the longest hours. There is always more work for the producer.

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