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Emails Awaaay

Fri 07 November 2003

At Wednesdays IGDA meeting I met a few cool people that I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to stay in touch with. I usually like to follow up with an email within 24 hours, but I’m pushing about 26 here. ;) Dave Rohrl was an outstanding speaker and he seemed to me the bottomless pit of game industry wisdom and friendly wit. Liz Wakefield made the whole thing happen and seems like shed be cool to just hang with. I didnt get a chance to speak much with Jennifer Olsen, but Id love to learn more about what its like to be Editor-in-Chief for the game magazine. And Bill Swartz was a straight to the point, no bullshit, really good insights into production kinda guy. Totally been there, done that and now hes at his own studio. I’m looking forward to seeing some of them at the next event if we dont have the chance to speak sooner.