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Thu 01 January 2004

What is the point of all this?

This site exists to encourage and educate future EA employees about the roles and people of EA.

When I started looking into the game industry I couldnt find much guidance about how to make the jump coming from 10 years in another industry. So, I decided I would share my experiences and try to blaze a path for the next person. Much of the blog was written while I was in the middle of figuring out how to find a job with EA. I have since been hired by EA as a producer on an unannounced action-adventure game so the tactics I have used have at least worked once!

Is there an too?

No, there are no other sites (by me, at least) like this. But there is this site.

I’m from EA, what is it you are looking for?

Shoot me an email to say! Be sure and let me know if you are interested in contributing your insights and stories about the industry–I’m looking for other EA employees who can add another perspective and set of experiences to the site.

I want to work at EA too! What should I do?

Read this blog from the beginning. Really…it wont hurt too much. I’ve done my best to pack it chock full of real conversations, notes, and strategies that I’ve used to get a job at EA. Everything from how I met each person to what I was asked in interviews is in there. I’ve also included books that I’ve read, answers to questions that have been emailed to me, and updates about what I’m doing now that I’ve landed a job.

What will happen to this site once you land a gig at EA?

The original plan was to Dread Pirate Roberts this sucker and make the site available to someone else to steer around while they search for a gig at EA. I havent thought of a good way to actually do that, so the current plan is to evolve it into a place to answer questions about getting a job at EA, questions about the industry, and posts about the work of a producer.

You quoted/misquoted me and I’m afraid they will come after me!

I dont want to misquote you and I absolutely do not want to get you in trouble! Just let me know where the troublesome quote is and I’ll fix it or remove it–whichever is called for.

I have an idea for a game–who can I talk to?

This is a very popular question and Tom Sloper offers some excellent advice.