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Game Girl Advance And 411

Wed 24 September 2003

I subscribe to Game Girl Advance and they mentioned this goth band in an article about how the goth scene is full of gamers. The band was in SF Tuesday so I went to check them out and I thought they were pretty good! Theyve got their own Sims skins5 too. :) That evening, after the evening of ear blasting and all things black, I stumbled across a little gem known as 411 publishing.

This could be a real time saver: all the contact info for the game industry in one place. Well see how current it is. I spend a lot of time tracking down contact info when I want to get in touch with a particular person in the industry, so this could definitely be nice. 411 is affiliated with the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Hmm. They are attempting to leverage the Academy of Arts and Sciences brand into the interactive space…I’m going to email some of my contacts in the industry and see what they know about them. First time I’ve heard of em.

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