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Getting Closer

Sat 25 October 2003

A couple days ago Rob emailed me letting me know that he had pitched me to EA Partners and they were interested in speaking with me. :) As I understand it, EAP is looking for producer-types at an array of levels to help manage their relationships with outside studios, I’m guessing on one or a handful of projects at a time. Today I received an email from EA’s job engine with more details.

They posted for associate and assistant producers (I’m just assuming these are the same positions Rob told me about). They both look like great positions, but especially with the associate position I can see what Rob was talking about when he said EAP was interested in my background managing vendor relationships and contracts. They want someone that will help grow their investment in outside studios (starting with a single game) into a franchise that makes money on a long-term basis. It sounds like exactly the kind of thing Id like to do. Franchise building is one of the talents I most admire in EA and one of the big reasons I want to work there. EA is one of the few companies that has the resources and knowhow to build properties that make money past the first game (like Madden and The Sims).

Once I got word from Rob I might hear from Tom Frisina at EAP, I checked him out at Moby to see who we might know in common. Nothing jumped out at me on the first pass. Then I remembered that Erin Turner had offered to see what she could do to help when I let her know who I was trying to make a good impression with. Sent her a quick email letting her know whats going on.

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