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High School Prep For a Game Career

Thu 15 July 2004

Merenia Writes:

Hello, My name is Merenia, I am 13 years old. I go to high school in New Zealand. I know I am to young to get a job as big as this, but I thought I would email you to ask a few things.

I am an animal, art and computer lover. I love stragic games, like The Sims and Zoo tycoon. I own about 4 of The Sims and I hope to buy others. I am excited to hear Sims 2 coming. I am more into computers then the t.v and my dream job that I want when I grow up is to do computer graphics or be game creater,something cool like that. ;D I was just wondering if you could send me some information about Ea games and job opportunities that may come up in the future. Its taken me a while to find your email to email you, and I am happy I have found it. EA games is my favourite brand of games, and I know I can always trust the quality of your work.

My Reply:

Hey Merenia, there are a few websites that you should check out: EA info for high school students, preparing for a career in games, and EA’s job site. Your first step is getting the best college education you can; then you should apply for an EA internship. As we grow EA is recruiting more and more of our talent through our internship program. Your best chance at an internship is if you live in the US, but EA’s got offices all over the place and you have plenty of time to deal with those details later. For now focus on getting a solid college education in something you really love to do and check out those web sites. | And I’m really looking forward to the Sims 2 too. The Urbz looks pretty cool as well. :)

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