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Idea For a New Game Feature

Sat 24 July 2004

Stephan Writes:

my name is stephan i am 12 and i have an idea for a game mode on live 2005 it is called become an nba star .it is when you create a player then select his position, home town,school and,statistics, you can create his family members so they can be there on draft day.then what he will wear on draft day and a voice cause he will narate his career and how he feels.then show david stern announcing the last pick of the draft and show him going up getting his cap and shakingf his hand.then teams will start acalling you on your cell phone asking you to play in the summer leage teams during the games scouts from other teams will look at you and at the end of the summer leauge games teams will call you offering contracts.then you will decide what team to accept the contract from. the people would have left callback numbers on your will start on the bench you only will get a couple of minutes a game.then by about the 3rd game the star player at your position will get hurt at a practice then the coach will aproach you telling your the starter. but whe you are one the bench you can accelorate the time untill you are put on the bench.when you create a player you will be asked to put you complete name bet so it can be said buy the copmmentators a list of names that can be pronounced by the commentators you can press a button to see how the names also have the option to develope naturally by game or earn points toward an attribute. over the course of years if you become a good player you will be called by endorsers.soon you will be able to design your own clothes,shoes,headbands,etc.once your contrac tis over you will be offered another one or be will also earn a nickname from your most popular teammate based on the way you play.soon you will be able to buy cars houses clothes,etc but at the start you have to pick from the stuff you can afford based on your salary the more money you make the better stuff you can will eventually you wll be having press confrences.dont worry,you will have time to type in answers to questions they ask you pretty soon you will get to see your self on tv and hear what other coaches and players have to say about you and your game .at the end you will et up a press confrence announcing yoor retirement.the in acouple of year wich will be simulated based on how much money you have left you can buy one of the most domonate teams that have become bad (at this point it would have auto switched to franchise mode).if you could geta chance to give this to to the creator of live 2005 and see if he likes it. (if he likes it and can get all this done and add some stuff to it. you can take all the credit if he doesnt like it you can say you got it from a kid who wants to work at ea when he gets older

My Reply:

Cool idea! I think you should start a discussion on a games site1s forums about it and see what the other fans think. The creators of all these games read forums to learn what people like and dislike about the game so they can make the next version even better. If you can get a lot of people talking about your idea, you never know

Regardless, definitely write this one down and start a game idea folder. It will be a really great thing to have years down the road when you are making games of your own. And you dont have to wait for programming skills to do ityou could even turn this idea into a board game or a card game. Believe it or not, a lot of computer games use the same concepts that board games use–they just have better graphics on top. If you can make a board game that captures the fun of “become an NBA star” then you would really have something.

BTW, here’s a great article on how to take your game ideas forward. Good to hear from you and good luck!