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Internship Pay

Thu 04 March 2004

Chereya Writes:

Hey Scott, This may be too personal but I thought Id try asking you anyhow since you’re the only person I know who might share the answer. Please feel free to disregard… What is the basic pay rate for EA interns? What other benefits are interns offered that are comparable to benefits accorded to a permanent position? ie. housing, insurance, holidays off or sick days… If my hubby-to-be gets an internship position -crosses fingers- what would the intern-role be like for married father of an infant? Just curious and want to make plans for additional income if necessary

My Reply:

I’m not certain that my situation is typical since I was shoehorned into the internship program by someone who wanted to help give me a chance. My guess is that most interns make $15-$30k annualized, no benefits (no sick days, no health insurance–the standard temp full-time treatment). The internship program is really geared towards unattached, younger, less experienced people (like the kind that typically are just graduating). For my own part, I’m subsidizing my internship from my savings. I see it as an investment (as does EA, I think) and I’ve budgeted accordingly–I have my own health insurance, dental, etc. I think it would be tough to support a family while starting from scratch in this industry!

Updated on October 11th, 2013

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