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Interships Breakdown

Sun 07 November 2004

James Writes:

[For internships at EA] I noticed that the applicant pool consists of about 720 students, and they only take in around 60. I had a question as to where most of these internship applications and opportunities fall . And also if 720 or so applicants consist of both high school students, current college students, and college grads.or just grads. Also, if you could tell me how many internships do they offer in the Marketing/PR department for the summer. This will help my gauge my odds of getting in.

Phil Replies:

A bulk of our internships especially in the marketing area tend to fall in the summer. It’s the busiest period for EA. Last summer we had approximately, 20-25 internships allocated to the marketing team. Within that 20-25, roughly 20% were MBA s and the rest were undergrads. I would anticipate having the same number for this coming summer. To be eligible for the internship program, you must be a student enrolled in an accredited university. Beginning with this summer s intern class, students who have graduated from school will no longer be eligible to apply for an internship.

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