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This site is available via IPFS at:


Please visit the site via IPFS and ‘pin’ it. Visiting a page via IPFS saves a temporary local copy so it loads fast for you and others near you. Pinning a site makes certain you always have a complete local copy to use and share–its sorta like a Facebook ‘like’ but way better because every time you pin a site, it gets faster and more reliable…you also have it available to read when you’re offline.

How to Install IPFS

If you don’t have IPFS yet, visit ipfs.io to install it. After you’ve got IPFS installed, I recommend installing the IPFS Companion addon for your browser to make pinning easier and to teach your browser how to use URLs that start with ipfs:// and ipns://

Someday this will get easier. :) Until then you are helping just by installing and using IPFS because every new user makes the network a little bit better for everyone.

How to Pin Me

  1. visit ipns://ggr.com
  2. while viewing the homepage via IPFS, click the IPFS Companion icon in your browser address bar to pull up its menu
  3. click ‘Pin IPFS Resource’
  4. that’s it! thanks!