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IT At EA Tiberon In Florida

Thu 06 May 2004

Joel Writes:

Does anyone have any information on IT jobs available in Orlando? I’m looking to work in the Orlando area. Is there certain certifications that I should get to be qualified or is the best way to start off, is to start at the bottom and work your way up?

Rob Replies:

Well, it varies depending on what department of IT you work for. Certifications and experience will definitely not hurt you. I know if you want to get in the NT Team (Windows Administration) you will need to have started your MCSE or expect to obtain it if you do get in the team. For the Network Team I’m not to sure but I believe that they prefer to have experienced member. Also I think one of the other big things is your motivation for how bad you want it and when you do get how you perform. For the Desktop Team you don’t need to have any certs, but you do need customer service skills.

There are lots of specialties in the IT field so I would suggest pick one or two and try do your best at it. Of course it’s always hard to get experience if no one is willing to give you a chance. I guess that’s where the motivation comes in. Also, obtaining your certs will give you something to work with.

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