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Lunch With Erin Turner

Wed 12 November 2003

After I said goodbye to Neil I headed to the lobby of 250. I was a little early so I played some SSX 3 while I waited for Erin. Once she appeared I pried myself off the console and we headed to lunch at the EA cafeteria. My first time there…man if the cafeterias had been like this at Berkeley. The food was entirely, you know, identifiable.

I told her about my meeting with Neil as I wondered what it all meant. She assured me that its all good and that Neil is an ideal guy for me to know at EA. With that we got to talking about the challenges with growing the industry, especially marketing games to females. I brought up a recent lecture by Tom Peters where he talks about marketing to women and points out what seems to me a good solution: we need more game companies with boards, EPs, programmers and organizations that look more like the market we want to go after (i.e. more women wherever there arent that many right now). Heh heh, she had heard the broadcast too.

Erin and I headed over to her office after lunch and she showed me the latest trailer for Bond. Apparently the one in the lobby of 250 is an old version. The new one she showed me rocked…I’m going to have trouble waiting until February. She walked me over to say hi to Jordan before she headed off to give a lecture at Stanford; Bond trailer in hand. Thats just too cool in my book. :) I hope I get a chance to work with her on a game someday.

Before she took off she mentioned she may have someone I should meet while I’m in LA next week. She invited me to the Two Towers (extended version) at EA but I think I might have to miss it, unfortunately I dont think I will be in town. I hear the extra 40 minutes they added back are all the character and plot development that were missing from the theatrical release. It would have been fun to meet more people there too. I’ll just have to make up for it in LA.

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