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Making Xbox Games At Home

Sat 28 August 2004

Stephan Writes:

hi my name is stephan i want to know if it is possible for me to make my own xbox videogames on my computer if so what software do i need and whatt are the steps to making the games like graphics and game modes and create player etc

My Reply:

Making games for the Xbox is an expensive endeavor requiring thousands of dollars of equipment and software from Microsoft. And since writing for the PC isnt all that different from writing for the Xbox I would suggest that you focus your efforts on the PC instead. Visual Studio + the DirectX SDK from Microsoft are the programming tools of choice but VS is expensive (DirectX works with VS and is free). You can find freeware tools that are like Visual Studio that will enable you to write games that make use of the free DirectX SDK and I suggest you locate one of those. C++ is the language most games are made with, but if you dont need extensive multimedia support (as you might not with a board game) then you will find Visual Basic a good language to learn with and make your game. There are a number of books available from Amazon that teach how to make video games. You should buy one or check one out from your library.