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Maxis Assistant Producer II

Wed 29 October 2003

Just got the email that Maxis posted for an assistant producer on the SimCity series. Wow, that would be excellent…Id love to have a chance to work at Maxis (which is, btw, an EA company). I sent an email over to Kana Ryan whom I noticed was the exec producer on the SimCity series as of SimCity 4. Yah, shes probably not the hiring manager, but hopefully shell be nice enough to forward it to them…I also sent an email to Toby asking if he might know who over there is the hiring manager so I can address my interest to the right person. I feel its better to address a letter to a specific person rather than a generic one, wherever possible. I’ll also submit my resume for the position through the EA jobs web site.

I just ordered a copy of SimCity 4. Figure I’ll have time to play through it before an interview would happen. Havent played the city series much since 2000 (what can I say, I got distracted by the whole starting new companies thing). I loved the SimCity Network Edition idea. I even liked SimEarth ;). I wonder where I put that… Yup, my latest Sim is The Sims, which is pretty cool. I got see some of the new stuff Maxis is working on when I visited over there. My lips are sealed by NDA, but it looked freakin awesome.

Updated on October 5th, 2013

Removed the job posting link. The page it linked to is long gone.