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Montage Unleashed

Wed 16 July 2014 #Mixbook


Montage is now live and its 10x easier1 to make a great photo book with Montage than any other way ever2. If you’ve made a photo book before, you’re uniquely qualified to notice the (stark) contrast between Montage and the other photo book making web apps out there. If you’ve never made a photo book before because it looked like it was going to be a chore, you should take Montage for a spin, its super easy…fun even. :)

If you’re a software engineer you might be interested in the HTML5 goodness: Montage was built in Dart, its one of the first production (quality), deep+complex apps in Dart that I know of. If you’ve been wondering what Dart can do you should play with Montage. No Flash was used to build the site, I can create a Montage on my OpenBSD laptop with no propietary, binary blobs involved. It runs on mobile devices too, though it hasn’t been optimized for them yet and we assume you have a mouse, so its more of a proof of concept to play with on mobile for now. What’s amazing (to me at least) is that we spent almost no time on mobile support and its pretty close to a working mobile experience…for free.