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More On Classes For Future Producers

Tue 23 March 2004

Koz Writes:

What would you say would be a better route if I want to get into a production role? I could take a computer game design/programming class that will mostly focus on the implementation process or take classes that revolve around operations management and business classes.

My Reply:

From what I’ve seen all of those skills are useful to a producer, though I think you would have easier time getting a job in todays industry with programming training than with business training.

Producers have to form a clear vision of the excellent, profitable game they want to build and then they have to have the leadership and technical skills to coach a diverse team of people (including their supervisors) to build the game and make the needed tradeoffs and improvements along the way. I have yet to meet two producers with the same backgrounds…there are a lot of paths to becoming a producer, though its not a fit for the interests and abilities of everyone. But that is a different discussion.

Updated on October 11th, 2013

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