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Music, Madden, and Steve Schnur

Sat 08 May 2004

Rus Writes:

I am currently working towards my science degree, my goal is to attain a position in audio engineering or related field- it looks like w/ Steve Schnur is where I would want to go Ofcourse being the biggest fan [and best player] of Madden is a good reason, but my dream career is to be part of the awesome music and/ or sound effects behind these great games that the world craves!! Can anyone offer any suggestions about how to get into an internship in this area’ I definetely see the importance of networking in this type of business, and will use that as possible assistance. I have NEVER been so excited about anything in my life, I will take any advice!

Ken Writes:

Internship is the way to go. Contact EA University and be prepared to go wherever an audio intern opening might be. I doubt there is anything left for this summer though. BTW–Mr. Schnur deals only with music licensing. SFX, dialog, and the implementation of the music are up to the team.

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