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No One Lives Forever Notes

Wed 26 November 2003

Well, its a top rated game so I thought Id check out what its all about. I opted not to read the reviews first and just let it impress me on its own. Of course, the graphics are a little dated, but I liked Alice a lot and its getting a little long in the tooth. My favorite games have survived a graphics cycle or two and are still fun in any case.

What I Liked

What I Didnt Dig As Much

I’ve just bought a bunch of new games to try out, so I stopped after the first 10 missions or so. I just wasnt getting drawn into the game, but I’ll probably come back and finish it off. I like to play games all the way through even though they I find a lot of games seem to be front loaded with best gameplay (take Unreal2 single-player, for example).

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