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Fri 10 October 2003

Just got off the phone with Mark Kirk of PDI-Dreamworks. Hes the former neighbor of my dads friend Phil (thats 3 degrees). Hes working on some really interesting stuff–he started in IT (got introduced to the company by a friend who was getting his masters degree in graphics) and now builds the project and asset management/project pipeline tool for PDI. Basically, he makes it easier for everyone to do their piece on a film and seamlessly pass things to the next person for the work they need to do, all the while maintaining a great deal of transparency and insight into where things are on the project.

His job reminded me of a gig I did for Simpson, building a web based system for managing their huge, complicated new product process. He isnt familiar with the game side of things over there, but he recommended I look into EA. :) Its interesting to see another person who started IT who got in through a friend and stayed IT, but in a creative industry. Food for thought!

Not too many posts this week–I had jury duty (which isnt over) and a few other non-gaming items to take care of. Even so, the SS IP moved forward a bit more and I heard from Rob at EA that hes trying to get me in front of some people for some Associate and Assistant Producer positions that may be opening up sometime in the near future. Also met with Mel, a friend whose in PR (hes really good too) about strategies for raising the volume on this campaign.