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Phone Call With Lisa Bell

Wed 03 December 2003

Lisa and I spoke briefly a couple months ago, before scheduling todays informational interview. Lisa called right on time. She started by mentioning that this site has been an item over at Maxis and the blog entry that mentioned our first encounter had gotten her some attention. :) I hope it was good! I took the opportunity to let her know that I dont post anything that I suspect or am told is confidential, and I give my conversation partners the final say on material I put on here.

So, yes, sorry folks, I cant offer you all of the cool details of the conversations I’m fortunate enough to have, but I think that almost all the confidential-type-stuff is inconsequential to the purpose of this site anyway (things like what new top-secret projects are being worked on, etc.). Certainly interesting, but nothing thats really going to help a newbie understand the industry or how to get into it anymore. Id say I get to share about 95% of what I learn in any particular conversation and another 4% is always covered by some other conversation that doesnt touch on sensitive material anyway. I dont think the last 1% that I cannot readily address while keeping my confidences is all that important, but heck, I gotta leave yall something to learn on your own. ;)

But I digress. Lisa and I spoke about the opportunities at Maxis and throughout EA. She suggested that if I were flexible with my location that there are other studios like EA Redwood Shores, LA, Montreal, Vancouver, Florida, and Texas that also have opportunities. I told her that living in SF is the icing, but working for EA is the cake–I’m ready to move wherever I need to. She filled me in on some of the projects that she believes may be hiring right now and she offered to give me a call tomorrow after she pings a few people at the other studios to see what she can find. I had fun talking to Lisa and I’m looking forward to hearing from her tomorrow! I know that shes plenty busy–its really nice of her to help!