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Programming vs Marketing

Tue 09 March 2004

Ian Writes:

Hi my name is Ian and I am a computer science major at Dakota State University. Where I am at right now is that I’m finding out that I am less interested in heavy programming and all the technical aspects of making games and more in to the production/testing/and possibly marketing part of it although the last one is a little iffy. I’ve started applying for multiple internships for this summer. Should I continue to major in computer science and go thru the brutal math courses or should i switch to another major that deals with the mentioned above? if so what major would that more then likely be? i would appreciate any help.

My Reply:

Most anyone is going to perform better when they are working on something they are passionate about. That said, it’s much easier to get a job as an engineer in this industry than it is to get a job as a producer. There are fewer production and more people competing for the few positions in production than there are in engineering. I suggest that you stick with your major for now, but try taking some classes in industrial engineering, business, and software engineering (that is to say, something that emphasizes the process of making software rather than the coding itself). Maybe throw a class in political science, rhetoric, and philosophy in there. See what you like then evaluate what you want to do next.