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Ruby vs Haskell: Ruby is Lego, Haskell is Steel

Sat 10 September 2016 #leadership

Ruby feels like working with Legos: its easy to pickup, delightful from the start, and you can make amazing things with it quickly. But as your creations get bigger and bigger, they become increasing awkward and fragile. Using Haskell is like working with steel: its difficult to get started and takes a lot of energy to do anything, even after you’re good at it, but you can build very strong, resilient, large structures.

I fell in love with Ruby in 2009 and have been working with it ever since. I’ve been reading books and spending time with Haskell a bit over the past year, and I still find it difficult to use. But I’m starting to get it, and while I don’t think it gets a whole lot easier anytime soon, at least from where I stand, I can see why I might be using, or something like it more.