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Sit Down With Tara S.

Tue 02 December 2003

Weve been meeting to get together and swap stories and it finally happened today right before my meeting with Bing. I was wandering the area that the geese had marked as their own (at least, I think the dropping saturate sidewalk must be a popular hangout for them) when Tara called and we converged on 250 to talk. Tara made sure to introduce me to everyone she could along the path from the front of the building to the cushy chairs, because shes just cool that way. :)

Tara is a kindred spirit, having mounted a serious effort of her own to join the EA team. A number of months ago she had decided she wanted to get in the game industry. A few interviews at EA convinced her that she really wanted to get into the game industry–she had the same sort of a-ha moment when she kept bumping into the immensely talent, fun people that one is prone to meet at EA. She kept interviewing with other companies even a few in other industries. And while the offers kept coming in, Tara had left her heart in Redwood Shores. She declined these jobs in favor ofno job(!) so she could keep interviewing with EA. She racked up some debt in order to finance her effort to learn about and become part of the EA team–it only made her more determined to find a place at EA where she could contribute. I’m happy to report that she has an at the end of her email address and though shes on contract in marketing for Bond right now, I suspect that her enthusiasm for EA will help her find a permanent place at EA. I know I’ll be cheering her on!

Updated on June 8th, 2015

Abbreviated Tara’s name at her request.