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Small World Effect

Mon 27 October 2003

I emailed RJ Berg after I finished Alice to tell him how much I liked the game. I also asked why Moby wasnt showing him on Alice in their DB and it turns out the person who put the data in originally missed him. So, I contacted Moby and got them to add his credit as the executive producer on the project. But he did a lot more than exec produce the game–he wrote the script and the dialogue while directing the voice and music. I bet he had a blast! I’m envious. :) Funny thing is, Jordan Maynard who I just met through Erin Turner is the son of David Maynard, a cofounder of EA. And RJ had just met with David about 10 minutes before my email crossed his desk, saying how I had just met someone else who worked on Alice. Heh heh. What are the chances?

In the Beginning

I met RJ a couple months back when I was just starting to get a handle on the industry. I had just finished reading Get in the Game and I had talked to a couple recruiters about the ways of the industry. Actually most recruiters wouldnt give a guy like me much help since they only place people with game experience (i.e. I cant make them any money), but Andy Cheren took the time to answer my questions and make very helpful suggestions. I will definitely be going back to him when the day comes for me to use a recruiter. I met Andy through Richard Kane.

But I digress. :) RJ was a big help–he read over my early resume and helped me make it more game industry compatible. Hes provided me with great advice along the way even though hes extremely busy. He got exactly what my challenges were with transitioning from biz software to game software right away and he encouraged me to see that my experience is very valuable to the game industry, but I’ll need to take a creative approach to get in front of the right people. His experience is just invaluable to someone like me, I’m really lucky to have someone like him helping me out! Hes even offered to put in a good word for me when I go out for interviews.

And he produced Alice! :)

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