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Studying For a Career in Production

Tue 09 March 2004

Koz Writes:

Should a college student who wants to get in to the production side of video games look to take a major in say buisiness management or related buisness majors or somthing closer to computers.

My Reply:

Theres no major that maps well to production. Producers vary widely in their areas of expertise from: former artists to programmers to testers to business people. My boss is a senior producer who used to be in marketing. My executive producer used to manage a business software product line. Another producer I’ve met has an MBA from Harvard. Neil Young shared some tips with me on what makes a good producer here.

Updated on October 11th, 2013

Removed the link to Koz’s email, I figure he doesn’t want to keep hearing from people through this page nor be exposed to more spam.