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The Campaign Begins

Sat 20 September 2003

Just got back from a fundraiser my friend put on for Prop H in San Francisco. Ammiano was funny and the vegetable dip was top rate. My friend Mel is threatening to find a way to get Georgy to my next movie night because I said that she is cute. But I’ve got my own campaign to think about. My campaign to land a gig with EA in Redwood City.

I’ve decided I want to work for EA. I thought I just wanted to work in the game industry, but I visited EA in Redwood last week and I was blown away. Rob Moreno, a recruiter there is a friend of a friend and he offered to show me around even though he recruits corporate and I’m interested in game production. I just had a great time. EA’s got a great campus and Rob really sold me on what a great place EA would be to work. It was already at the top of my list, but after meeting with him I decided to take it up a notch and begin my campaign to work at EA.

I’ve got about 10 contacts at EA so far, met mostly through friends of friends, but I have not yet really campaigned to get a job there. In fact, this will be my first campaign for a job ever. I figure with my background the front door just is not going to cut it. I’m no John Carmack. I’ve got to hit the pavement to get the word out that I want to work at EA, and that I’m a good bet for them. I know that I can bring more to the table than my enthusiasm, but I dont expect anyone to take my word for itthis is a competitive industry and I’ve got to earn my seat at the table. Time to get to work.

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