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The Swedish Connection

Mon 01 December 2003

A few weeks ago I heard from Fredrik Thylander (a game designer with Digital I’llusions) who had stumbled across this site and sent me an email just to say he likes the site and good luck. He also put a good word in for John Vifian and EAP–good bunch of guys to work with. Today I heard from Sean Decker who, it turns out, is over in Sweden working with a team on the Battlefield series. I know that Fredrik is working on the series too. Heh heh, small world. Man, I would love to work in Sweden, I’m very jealous of these guys. :)

Central to Fredriks advice on what makes a good producer was the need to articulate a clear vision to each of the teams so that they know what to build. He suggests it is better to be overly specific with what you want, lest each team build something else that doesnt fit what you expect, creating problems when it comes time to put them together.

I was introduced to Sean Decker through Tiffany Spencer–I had asked her if she know any producers I could talk to and she offered to make an introduction to her friend Sean. Sean was a producer on the SimCity series. Hes in Sweden working on Battlefield at the momenthell be back in a couple weeks and were going to meet up then.

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