game, game. repeat.

This Ungodly Hour

Thu 13 November 2003

So I got up at 6a this morning to take care of some stuff before flying down to LA. For one, I timed a bunch of eBay auctions poorly and I’m packing them now. It probably doesnt help that I stayed up late opening up Pass 2 in SSX3. I also sent some emails out to contacts at EALA. I dont know if the new studio has opened yet, I’m guessing it hasnt. Id like to see the old one while I’m down there and say hi to some guys I’ve talked to a bunch of times. Hopefully I’ll hear back from Erin about her friend down there and I just got a really nice email I was CCed on from Neil to the guys he suggested I meet. Chris Plummer is in LA and hes the guy that got into Origin using the say hi to everyone you can approach kinda like me.

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