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Lisa Bell called me this afternoon with a quick update: shes been in touch with her counterpart at EARS: Rachel McIntyre. Rachel was out of town when I met with EAP, otherwise I would probably have met her then, though I keep hearing her name. Anyway, Lisa has also been in touch with a couple of her Canadian counterparts too; but everyone (outside of Maxis at the moment) is hella busy hiring, so she thinks they will take a couple days to get back to her. So Lisa and I have a followup scheduled next week.

Heh heh. I love that Lisa schedules her phone meetings–I wish more people did that. It makes it so easy to, you know, plan your day. Its a lot tougher when someone just asks me to call sometime next week or says theyll call me within that sort of time range. Phone tag inevitable ensues. Lisa has her shit together and its nice. :)