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Working On Forums

Sat 24 January 2004

EA Academy recently linked to this site and the email has been coming in a bit faster…and its started me thinking about what direction to take the site next. I’m working on putting up some forums so more people can check out the questions and discussions that have been happening in email and blog comments up to this point. I bet there are some people who visit this site on occasion who know a lot more than I do about breaking into the industry and might be happy to help out as well!

Hopefully I’ll have the forums up and running next weekI’m waiting on my ISP to respond to my request to set up what I need to get going.

I’m also starting to think about who I want to meet next at EAI’ve been busying myself with the work at hand for the past few weeks, but Id like to start branching out again, maybe spend a couple lunches a week meeting new people at EA. Its a whole lot of fun just to sit down with new people and chat about what they do, and I expect it will be that much easier to get in touch with people from an EA email address. :)

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