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Writers At EA

Thu 18 March 2004

Alan Writes:

First off, excellent site. I commend you on your creativity and tenacity in achieving your goal. Great job. | I’m a screenwriter thats had moderate Hollywood success. Moderate being defined in that I’ve sold two scripts to Hollywood production companies but nothing made (yet). I also have a background in I.T. (all areas of project life cycle). | My question is, do you know if EA employs a staff of writers? (For clarification, I’m not talking about the copywriters or those who write manuals, but those writers who deal in storyline, dialogue, and character development). I hear developers are bringing in screenwriters and was curious if EA is one of them.

My Reply:

I asked around EA and heard: “Yes, there are a couple of people here who are capable, and some even accomplished, writers who are also capable game designers. As a writer only, we usually work with them on a contract basis versus an employee because you don’t really want a generalist but the best guy at a particular style of writing or story-telling that you want to enhance you game experience.”

Updated on October 11th, 2013

Removed the link to Alan’s email, I figure he doesn’t want to keep hearing from people through this page nor be exposed to more spam.